Wild Things

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: I think people have the wrong idea about us #twentysomethings. For that matter, I think people have the wrong idea about Millennials, in general. I’ve talked to a lot people about this blog I’ve been creating and the sense of #millenialpride that it has been instilling in me, but the most common responses I’ve gotten are things like, “you know being a Millennial comes with a negative connotation, right?” or – my favorite – “I don’t think Millennials like identifying as Millennials.” Ummm… okay, but WHY?!? I’m a Millennial and I, for one, think that we are one #badass generation. We are unlike anything society has ever seen before. We are literally changing the way the world works; we’re uprooting social norms, we’re transforming the way business is conducted, we have changed the way humans interact with one another and we value truly living our lives. We have adjusted our lifestyles to the point that our priorities consist of our passions and those passions are what drive our life choices. You can basically consider us the Changing of the Guard, in generational terms. Being labeled as a Millennial is NOT a derogatory thing; I think that can only be true if you are part of the perception problem.

See, I’m starting to understand that a lot of people think that us Millennials feel like we are owed something, or that we believe things are going to be handed to us on a silver platter because we have always been fed by its matching silver spoon.


I personally don’t feel like that is true of our generation because I don’t think anyone – Millennial or otherwise – deserves anything without putting in the hard work  it takes to reap the reward. I can also attest to the fact that my quintessential Millennial friends think exactly the same way I do because they are some of the most ambitious people I know. All I’m saying is that if I am the stereotypical Millennial, and the saying is true that I am the sum of my 5 closest friends, I must be one motivated, hard-working, courageous and beautiful individual, because those are precisely the characteristics they represent.  My point is, Millennials are not simply self-centered, self-absorbed and entitled beings. We care about a lot of things and are willing to work for what we want – those things just have to be relevant to our lives and meaningful enough to put a fight behind.

Let’s be clear: Millennials are probably the new “hippies.” All I mean by that is that we are just the next generation who is purposely trying to change the standard of what’s #normal. The way we have gone about it may have earned us a bad rap in the eyes of the generations who precede us, but I would love to hear from any one of the preceding generations with an argument that they didn’t do the same thing when they were in the same position that we are right now. We push boundaries, we challenge ideals, we make it our mission to adjust the status quo to fit the world that we actually live in. I realize that change is normally frowned upon, but if making the wold we live in a more adept place for us to thrive in is considered wrong, I don’t want to be right. We are not ashamed of the fact that we want better. If that means that we are the misfits of the social population, then #sobeit. I love being part of a generation that is actively pursuing a society different from the one we were brought into.

I was raised to embrace the fact that being different was not just okay, but rather IMG_7685something to be proud of. I carry this notebook that has a Coco Chanel quote on the front that reads,

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that sentiment is something that every generation has chased; every generation has looked for their own way to put their mark on history. And as for us #twentysomethings who really don’t give a damn who is watching (or judging) us, let me echo Alessia Cara’s sentiment in her anthem, Wild Things and proclaim to the world that, “Aye, we brought our drum and this is how we dance.” Why would we go out of our way to go against the grain? Well, because “we don’t need your policies and we make no apologies.” Doing our own thing is precisely what we are good at. We aren’t here to make the #coolkids look cooler, we are here to challenge their coolness with the rhythm of our revolution and we are happy to be dancing to the beat of our own drums until our #twentysomethig Millennial hearts are content.

“Find me where the #WildThings are.” -Alessia Cara

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