What It’s Worth


It seems to be a fairly common occurrence that us #TwentySomethings are drowning in our hectic lives. Since we clearly think we can take on the world, a lot of our daily to-do lists reflect that sentiment *cough* ten-fold. We tend to have a LOT going on, and honestly, we do it to ourselves. We do so much in a day that it’s easy to get jaded and begin to disregard the small moments along the way.

We fail to remember in our stressed-out frenzies that everything we go through actually means something. Some things are good, some things are not so good. Some are fun, some are just necessary, and some are boring as hell. There are the exceptional ones that are beyond rewarding and leave us to view the world from Could 9, and then there are others that pull us to the lowest of lows and basically put us in a ditch that we have to scrape our way up and out of (metaphorically, I hope). Regardless of what is going on, how it makes us feel and where we end up after each episode of our lives, it’s important realize that everything occurring around us is a lesson. Every thing we experience is worthy of teaching us something we need to know (probably for future reference), if we simply let it.

Throughout the year, there are very specific times when most of us take the opportunity to reflect on past occurrences. The most popular of those times is around the New Year, when we habitually set resolutions to change something about our lives that we don’t love; those resolutions usually last about 6 weeks – if we’re lucky – before we fall victim to the previous years’ habits. Another occasion that many of us tend to reflect upon is our Birthday, especially the BIG ones. You know, the milestones; the years we accomplish big things and can’t help but think about how far we have come in life since the last major milestone occurred. We set these designated times for reflection, but by the time they actually roll around, we often forget about all the little moments and little things in between that helped to shape the larger ones.

I guess I had one of those rare moments today where stopping to take it all in was my only option. Something just hit me.GOUNELLE I was walking through campus and I was just overcome with this unexplainable feeling that made me pause and think about where I am in life; where I came from, where I’m going, and then full circle to exactly where I stood at that very moment. It was almost surreal to have the constant To-Do list in my head turned off for a second, to observe the people and objects around me that I never really pay attention to, and to look beyond just my next step – which I usually only look at to make sure I won’t trip – to really take in the beauty of my surroundings. It was an intensely beautiful moment of clarity. And trust me, those don’t come around very often these days.

What I realized in that rare moment is that I have become far to accustomed to being completely lost in my own world; that same world that majorly consists of an over-packed schedule, the multitudes of stress that are a result of this crash course in #adulting, and the highs and lows that accompany being a Millennial on my own path.  I have all but ignored the gift of being mindful in my day-to-day interactions. I used to be so observant and so aware of everything, but the more I have piled on my plate, the less I have been able to pay attention to all those other wonderful – and some not so wonderful – things around me. I have forgotten to remember each experience for it’s value in the haste of getting to the next milestone. That was quite a complex revelation for me to go through in such a simple moment of life, but I am so glad it happened. I think it happened simply to remind me that through all this chaos, I should be appreciating each moment for exactly

what it’s worth.

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