One at a Time

You know that feeling when things start piling up and you think you can just handle it all #likeaboss, but then you realize how overwhelming it is and you decide to just forget everything instead? Yeah, me too. That has literally been the theme of my last 3 or so weeks. The end of the semester, which for me means the end of grad school altogether, translates to the re-entry to the real world and the search for a big girl job. It feels like the world is on my shoulders and I would way rather just take a nap while my fairy godmother handles all my to-do’s for me. Unfortunately, this is #reallife so I don’t have one and chances are, you don’t either. That means we have to find a way to #powerthrough it.

I have this habit of making things out to be a way bigger deal than they actually are. I’m sure that’s a contributing factor to being easily overwhelmed by just about everything, but I also think it’s because when I do things, I want to do them well and I have set the expectation for myself that I will give 100% to whatever the task is. That includes mentally preparing myself for the task at hand and that is usually where I go wrong. There is a fine line between mental preparation and psyching yourself out. Mental preparation gives you the feeling of #igotthis before taking on said task, while psyching yourself out usually ends in something like, “why meeeee?” (At this point of my life, the latter is the more common reaction.)


Another thing that adds to making things annoyingly complicated when I have a lot to do (aka always) is that I tend to look at the big picture. I look at the wide view instead of narrowing my focus and energy on one single task at a time. Doing so is counter-productive to accomplishing my tasks because instead of starting and finishing one thing then moving on to the next, when I have a wide-angle view, I want to jump in and do little bits and pieces of everything I have on my plate and then I wind up overwhelmed again feeling like I’m not getting anywhere. That must be what it’s like to have ADD. (Which might be a subtle but very real possibility as well.) So while I am not the best at taking my own advice, I have realized that all can be accomplished if you simply take things

one task at a time.



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