Trust the Process

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original post by Drew Forrester

There is a Facebook post floating around these days about all these famous people who accomplished great things later in life, many of them after previous notable failures. I saw this post before it hit all my friend’s timelines and wrote a post, then deleted it because I didn’t want to come across as negative in some of (what should be) the most exciting weeks of my life to date. The post was to inspire hope in those of us who feel like we aren’t doing enough in life or like our artificial deadlines of success aren’t being met.

The post spoke volumes to me because I have been really hard on myself in the last couple of weeks. Instead of being excited to graduate with my Master’s degree, I have been under a cloud of self-doubt and denial. I feel like I have been drowning under homework, my rotating work schedules, inadequate sleep and a general loss of motivation. It seriously feels like I am in a race and I can see the finish line but just like in a bad dream, I can’t even walk let alone run full speed ahead. I don’t think this rut I have found myself in is anyone’s fault but my own and I am sure I am in this position because I have bitten off way more than I can chew.

Just to be clear, I do not love talking about getting down on myself and I generally only portray a very happy, optimistic view of myself and my life. This is one of those raw and vulnerable posts that I promised I would share – even though it makes my stomach turn – to show that even the best of us can struggle and our social media highlight reel is not an all-encompassing representation of our lives. I am expressing all of this because I know I am not the only one that feels this way, even if others do so under different circumstances and for different reasons. The post above and it’s viral nature is clear evidence that many of us need a little dose of reality every once in a while and a reminder to not be so hard on ourselves.


The lesson I took out of this single post is more than likely not the same as the next person who will read it, but what it taught me is that each of our lives is a journey and we need to believe in the path that we take. We cannot compare ourselves to others and we cannot get down on ourselves if things don’t work out the way that we expect them to. It is so easy to get caught up in societal standards and live by the deadlines and expectations that have been set by ourselves (and sometimes the ones who love us the most). While some tough love and a little kick in the pants definitely has it’s place in certain situations, sometimes we need to show ourselves a little bit of acceptance and forgiveness. Our journey is ours alone and that means we have to set aside our pride and

trust the process.

While we are talking about highlight reels, my favorite one is on Instagram. Join me!


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